The war road map from Kosovo to Syria

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The war road map from Kosovo to Syria
Published 29-08-2013, 13:10

James Jatras

James Jatras is Former US diplomat and former policy adviser to US Senate Republican leadership.

I routinely check news searches for "Syria” and "Kosovo.”   Up til a few days, ago, you only saw a handful of hits. 

Now the news is full of gleeful advocates of the "Kosovo precedent.” com/search?hl=en&gl=us&tbm=nws &authuser=0&q=syria+kosovo&oq= syria+kosovo&gs_l=news-cc.3.. 43j43i53.2099.4972.0.5932.12. .1ac.1.PSx4FDdGAAA

The bottom line is the always same:

Frame the issue of "stopping” the designated former client now turned Hitler-of-the-month (Milosevic, Saddam, Qaddafi, Assad, whoever’s next);

Provoke or invent the casus belli (as we define it, a "red line” massacre, gas attack, WMDs, impending "humanitarian crisis” a la Benghazi);

Bully or entice at least some of our satellites (starting with the London poodle) into joining in so we can cite the opinion of the "international community”;

Make sure the designated Muslim client (always Sunni except in Iraq) comes out on top, so they’ll love us ("Six times in the past decade, U.S. military men and women have risked their lives to help Muslims in Kuwait, northern Iraq, Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia, and now, Afghanistan, Wolfowitz noted.” – feel the love? News/NewsArticle.aspx?ID=44401  );

Cast international law and the US constitution to the winds;

Deliver the local Christians to death or exile (probably more of a side benefit  than a conscious goal, but who knows); and

Show the Russians and Chinese their vetoes on the Security Council don’t count, only ours does (and those of our puppets, London and Paris): international law is what we say it is.

It’s pretty much tried and true – the lies of the past are the gift that keeps on giving:http://www.diplomaticou kan-peace-and-prosperity-will- remain-elusive-unless-freed- of-dead-hand-of-the-1990s.

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