Coordinated int`l action could help avoid use of force in Syria - Putin

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Coordinated int`l action could help avoid use of force in Syria - Putin
Published 2-10-2013, 15:12
Coordinated action by the countries involved in the Syrian settlement process may help avoid the use of force, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the Russia Calling investment forum in Moscow on Wednesday.

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"I presume it will be unnecessary to use force and increase casualties on the long-suffering Syrian land if our coordinated actions persist," he said.

The Syrian settlement plan "is not just our achievement, it is a common achievement, an achievement of the United States and President Barack Obama who made a related decision, and a result of our collective efforts at the UN Security Council," Putin said.

"It refers to the unwavering position of China, India, Brazil, Argentina and Indonesia," he said.

Putin thanked "the colleagues who were eyeing a military scenario but generally agreed with our opinion about the need to use all forces and means for settling the problem peacefully - France, the UK and Turkey, I hope."

Judging by how chemical weapons liquidation proceeds in Syria, we are on right path

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was content with the situation development regarding chemical weapons liquidation in Syria. "Judging by what work related to the Syrian chemical weapons liquidation is currently being held, we have grounds to think that we are on the right path," Putin said when answering questions at the Investment Forum "Russia Calling!"

Putin said in response to the statement that the US did not rule out military actions on Syria that "we do not rule out any possibilities of use of force."

"But solely upon the decision of the UN Security Council. Or as reaction to direct aggression towards some country. There are only two legal ways to use force," the Russian president said.

Russia can warrant Israeli-Palestinian settlement

Russia can act as a guarantor in the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, President Putin has said at the ongoing Russia Calling forum.

"Of course, we can serve as a guarantor, while the groundwork for these agreements must be set out and agreed on by the parties themselves,” Putin stressed.

The Russian leader said he was looking forward to the two nations reviving bilateral contacts that could potentially lead to a lasting peace.

"I believe that it is possible despite the inherit difficulty, because people are already weary and waiting for this decision.”

Peace talks were resumed two months ago after a three-year stalemate with an eye on a truce within the next year. The negotiations are running behind the closed doors and are mediated by the US, which has in its turn vowed to lean in and intensify the dialogue.

If any APEC country facilitates visas for Russians, Russia will do the same

If any of the member states of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) facilitates its visa regime with Russia, Russia will do the same, President Vladimir Putin said at the Russia Calling VTB Capital investment forum in Moscow.


"Visa issues are solved on a parity basis almost everywhere in the world with very few exceptions. Therefore, if any countries are ready to introduce more liberal visa rules for us, we, of course, will not only examine but will be willing to implement that in Russia,” Putin said, commenting on the fact that all APEC member states, except Russia, had introduced the so-called "business travel card” granting its owners visa-free travel inside the APEC.


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