Lon Snowden doesn`t want his son back in US, he`s safe in Russia - VoR reporter

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Lon Snowden doesn`t want his son back in US, he`s safe in Russia - VoR reporter
Published 11-10-2013, 05:57
Lon Snowden, the father of US special services whistle-blower Edward Snowden, arrived in Moscow on Thursday morning. The Voice of Russia's very own correspondent Ekaterina Gracheva met with Lon Snowden and acted as his interpreter. Talking about her encounter with Snowden Sr. she said his arrival was a surprise. When asked why Lon Snowden is here, Ekaterina Gracheva said the main reason is father-son ties. During their brief dialogue Mr. Snowden Sr. also remarked that he listens to the Voice of Russia.

Gracheva said that Lon Snowden was accompanied by his lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, who is also Edward Snowden's legal adviser.

"As we understood from an interview, Anatoly Kucherena now represents both Edward Snowden and Lon Snowden. Anatoly Kucherena stressed that he is very aware of the security issues that the Russia side has to provide for both members of the family. He stressed several times that there were few cars following Mr. Snowden senior and Anatoly Kucherena's vehicle all the way from the airport. Kucherena said that he even approached those people and asked them "why are you following our car?" So, they believe there are certain security issues which Anatoly Kucherena and the Russian side are aware of, and they are taken care of on Mr. Snowden Senior's arrival," Gracheva said.

The question repeated many times by journalists is, "where exactlyis  Edward Snowden?" if he is even in Moscow. His father could quite possibly take another domestic flight and find himself in any other city today.

"But we understood, we presumed from what Anatoly Kucherena the lawyer was saying, that Edward Snowden is in Moscow because Kucherena leaked himself by saying that he saw him on the eve of the day, and in the morning he was already in the Moscow airport. So, we presume that Edward Snowden might be in Moscow. But again we will only find out after the father and the son reunite and they have a meeting and a conversation," Gracheva explained.

Ekaterina also added that a few personal questions were asked. "He was asked what is happening with the girlfriend. We know that shortly before the whole story unveiled Edward Snowden had a girlfriend. Lon Snowden said she is a very nice girl. I can almost quote what he said "she is a very nice girl, she was taking very good care of my son and so was my son taking good care of her". The word "love" was not mentioned, I was waiting for that word. And he also said "I cannot specify and I cannot tell you in details where exactly she is right now and what she is doing". He avoided answering that question," said the Voice of Russia's reporter. She also added that there is no information was available about whether Edward's girlfriend was in Moscow.

"When asked juridical questions, like whether he believes a trial in the US would be objective and fair, he said that he doesn’t believe in a fair trial in the US, however, he said that he believes that his son has every chance of being protected, has the right to be protected by the Constitution of the US but, he said, he wouldn’t want his son coming back to the US as he doesn’t believe his son might be safe there," Gracheva said.

She also added that on the sidelines of the interview, she asked him if he knows of the Voice of Russia radio stations, if he listens to it, and he said "yes, sure, I know, I listen to it".

"As I understand, he repeated that, this is natural thing for everybody to understand, he is his father in the first place and everything he cares about right now is the future of his son, his safety. He doesn’t object to his son working in Russia, again, he said he believes that it is only in Russia where his son can feel safe. He said his son is talented at different things and he could be an IT specialist, as Anatoly Kucherena said, or he could work with some jurisdictional issues etc. So, in the first place he came here as a father to support his son, to see his son in the second place, to see how his son is feeling and so on, to pass all this information on to the family back in the US. We don’t know how long the father will stay though it could be for quite some time," Gracheva asserted.

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