Ukraine -- Kievs War | The Heroes of Novo Russia

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Ukraine -- Kievs War | The Heroes of Novo Russia
Published 17-07-2014, 10:32

George Eliason


In history there is a very distinct parallel to what is transpiring in the Donbass (Novo Russia) region. During the 13 th century the Golden Horde led by the Great Khan pushed westward unchallenged toward Europe. Before the conquest of Russia began, the then Czar sent letters to Europe requesting support to meet what was considered an unstoppable army: the Golden Horde left destruction in its wake wherever it went.

When Christian Europe didn't answer, the Russian people came to the conclusion they had to meet what was considered the greatest army of its day. The Czar of Russia sent one final letter to Europe. I came across this letter when I was writing a book on how philosophy, religion, and politics intersect through history, and how that shaped the modern world in and through America today. That was 5 years ago.

This particular letter wasn't used as part of the material for the book, but it has haunted me all these years for its sentiment and the history surrounding it. Indirect quote from memory: Letter from the Czar of Russia to the Leaders of Europe and the Catholic Church;

We have sent letters and you have not answered, and still they (the Golden Horde) come. We the Russian people will fight and stand to the last man. We will sacrifice our nation and our people. We alone stand and defend the world and the Church of Jesus Christ from the greatest of evils. We will not run. We will not fail. Let this letter be kept as a memorial of the Russian people forever.

In the history of warfare, this victory is still unparalleled. It has never been repeated. Twenty thousand Huns of the Golden Horde destroyed an eighty thousand man Russian army. Russia was destroyed. Directly after this, the Huns prepared to push further west into Europe. Pope Leo sent letters to the Khan requesting that they stop. The Huns complied. Europe was spared by the Huns, while Russia was betrayed by Europe.

The Russians spent the next 200 years as slaves to the Huns. During this time they learned their style of warfare, perfected it, and used the improved techniques to destroy their captors. What is called the Russian spirit in Eastern Europe and the Russian east is derived directly from this crucible of fire the letter describes and the ascent back to sovereignty. Russia went from being a country to becoming an undividable nation during this event and through the following centuries. This history is what binds the Russian people. It is their pride and resolve, as with every nation tested by history. Most fail or forget.

In the US while we thankfully haven't gone through such an ordeal as a nation, in our short history we developed our own parallels. The rapid developments at the beginning of the last century tried us as a nation, both in resolve and in courage. It renewed our relationship with Russia which is as old as our country. Russia supported the colonies during the American revolution. Russia sent fleets to blockade the English from our harbors when the British were trying to intervene in our Civil War. In WW2 we sent our greatest generation to help stop the greatest menace the world has known until now: the 3 rd Reich. We resolved as a nation that we would help defend the world.

We renewed our relationship with Russia (Soviet Union) and had air bases in Poltava with the Soviets. We fought both the air and ground war together. We bombed Germany together. For the time we were there we fought Bandera and the German threat together. It was Bandera who attacked our bases in Poltava and elsewhere in Ukraine. Because of this, our wartime president Franklin D. Roosevelt refused their immigration and communication requests. Because of this, the ultra nationalist Ukrainians in exile branded president Roosevelt a communist and therefore an enemy.

Americans can read, understand, and feel the heart tug in the contents of that letter from the Russian Czar to Europe in the same way Russians can. Our people lived within that level of sentiment. We also stood up to help protect a world. Different terms are used for people like this depending on your location in the country. My preference is to call someone a Good Cowboy . 

The term conveys our history and our myth. It's used for people who actively try to do and defend what's right. It denotes a person who won't trample where they don't belong and doesn't back down where they do, consequences be damned! This is also a tenet of the Christian faith that Christian America seems to have forgotten.

Slavyansk-Snowy-Odessa -Mariupol-the Crucible

The events in each of these cities started with holiday massacres. Each has been a trial for all residents. Today what they call the Russian Spirit has been renewed once again in a crucible of fire. The determination and resolve expressed in that letter has risen again. The courage and patience necessary to go through this trial burns again; not in Russia, but New Russia (Novo Russia).

The sentiment of the people who stayed behind conveys the resolve. Many people feel betrayed because of the way Russia intimated support for the start of the Republic in the beginning. There are no pro-Russian separatists. They are a Russian people and part of the Russian world (ethnicity). Until it became deadly in Donbass, they were also good citizens of Ukraine. Donbass has been the driving force behind the economy in Ukraine all these years.

One woman summed it up it this way- Ukraine doesn't want us because we are not Ukrainian enough. Russia doesn't want us because we are not Russian enough. We are alone. We are unwanted. But we will win.

People are grateful for the humanitarian help Russia has provided but feel alone and betrayed in their struggle to live. Their great crime is being part of the greater Russian world. That part is still incomprehensible to many people.

Many say they do not want to be a burden on their families in Russia, so they can't leave. But neither can t hey be part of a Nazi Ukraine. Another persons perspective- Regardless of the outcome we are in Novo Russia- adding quickly: "We want to live so we had better win. We have no choice."

The former militia, now Novo Russia army have been defending their families lives, history, and property. Compared to the causal factors of our own Revolution, the people of Lugansk and Donetsk were much more patient. Our country was started over taxation without representation, currency, debt, and trade issues. Novo Russia was being penalized: 30% of their paychecks eventually bought the weapons being used against their families. (This is also how the Armenian Genocide was funded at the beginning of the last century.) Soldiers (not regular army but irregular troops) took over towns and barracked inside peoples homes, stealing whatever they wanted from theiri hosts.

Do I need to get into the brutality of a cleansing exercise?

Even as these things were in progress, until the referendum results were known, both Lugansk and Donetsk continued to try to dialogue with Kiev. The massacres were already started in Odessa, Slovyansk, and Mariupol.

Right before the referendum, I asked one of the civic leaders from Lugansk what would happen if the vote went against them? His answer was:Whatever the people vote is what we will do.This was the greatest act of civil democracy I've witnessed in my lifetime. Considering the stakes involved, there were no simple answers. By this time the brutality of Kiev made it clear to most people that the right to life hinged on this one act of democracy.

Slavyansk the Renewal

The defense of Slovyansk will go down in history as one of the greatest modern city defenses. Igor Strelkov, the Donetsk milita, and the Crimean Cossacks defied the modern army of a nation with air (100:0[100 to zero comparing forces]), armor(1000:0) , and personnel superiority (initally10:1-now 16:1).

Even with these deficits Novo Russia's army held Kiev's advances from April until July with barely any loss of life. Commander Strelkov acquired arms by taking them from Kiev. Hoping to prove that Novo Russia was getting weapons from Russia and justify Kiev's propaganda machine, the junta showcased Soviet era weapons that were 20-40 years old and came from the local armories and said they were the weapons Russia sent.

Defying these odds isn't about language. This was never a fight about the right to speak the Russian language. It would be the most irresponsible and reprehensible action on earth to justify a war based on that. Like the early Russians in that letter, it's about what is worth saving in life. It's about what's good -- the lives of your family. It is about not having one's kids being forced to grow up as ultra nationalists. This fight has no political end or solution. The country is not divided into east and west. The division is between the ideology of Bandera and Ukrainian ultra-nationalism vs. Democracy. These two ideologies cannot share the same space. They are antithetical to one another other. Kiev never had any intention to cease hostilities: it was preparing them before Maidan was over, according to their own words.

Kiev's propaganda is starting to catch up with families in west Ukraine who are protesting. They don't want their sons fighting this war.

Kiev also took the refugees it received from Donbass and conscripted all the men into the army. They will be sent back to Novo Russia to fight. If they refuse they will be sent to filtration camps.

The message is pretty clear: Join Novo Russia or join Kiev because you will have to fight. Its just a matter of who: your neighbors or Kiev's ultra nationalist para military.

Please support the humanitarian efforts to purchase food, medication, and necessary supplies for the people of Donbass.

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