Soros’ Stance on Russia Offers No Insights Into World's Troubling Tensions: Analyst

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Soros’ Stance on Russia Offers No Insights Into World
Published 24-10-2014, 13:23
WASHINGTON, October 24 (RIA Novosti) - US billionaire George Soros' comments about an existential threat posed by Russia are backed up only by his own suppositions and not facts, media business analyst and Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow William Dunkerley told RIA Novosti.

"The alarmist comments of Soros and the others offer no insights into the troubling tensions in the world. They just inspire fear and prompt ignorant reactions. I don't know what Soros' motivations are," Dunkerley said Thursday in a comment to the billionaire's article that slammed Russia's policy toward Ukraine.

Dunkerley widely compared Soros' comments that warn the European Union to beware of Russian actions to those of US Senator John McCain blaming Russian officials for trying to bring back the Soviet empire.

Dukerley noted that the anti-Russia sanctions supported by Soros "appear to be just another avenue for inspiring international unrest."

"The Institute for International Economics found in a study that overall the success rate for sanctions has been in steep decline since 1970," Dunkerley reminded.

In a Thursday article titled "Wake Up, Europe!", billionaire investor George Soros said that Russia's policy toward Ukraine represents a threat to the very existence of the European Union.

Relations between Russia and the West hit the rock bottom following Crimea's reunification with Russia in March. Western powers and Ukraine also accused Moscow of helping Ukraine's independence supporters and even of a direct military intervention, claims deemed groundless by Moscow.


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