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Published 13-12-2014, 18:30

Walter DuBlanica


An American/Russian Alliance from Vancouver eastward to Vladivostok would be a win-win for both the United States and Russia and all the countries from Vancouver and Vladivostok.

We now have H.Res758 which makes Russia our enemy. H. Res 758 passed on Dec.4,2014 with only 10 nays. To have such a resolution pass primarily over recent events in Ukraine makes no sense compared to the much larger issues facing the United States and Russia.

IS/IL terrorism is a danger to both Russia and America. We share a common enemy. There are 1.2 Billion Muslims spanning the globe from Morocco to Indonesia. Our strongest ally in the middle east according to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a complete opposite of Democracy that we would like to see in the world. America’s past 13 years in the middle east has been a disaster with no end in sight and costs in the Trillions of dollars.

China is a challenge to the United States. China is still a communist country. China has just surpassed the U.S. as the world’s biggest economy. China competes with the U.S. for world energy and mineral resources. Russia does not, it has a surplus of energy and mineral resources. China has taken millions of American manufacturing jobs. Russia has not taken any American manufacturing jobs. China thinks of itself in terms of the ancient Middle Kingdom to control the world. Russia understandably wants to influence the countries on its borders as does the U.S.

Military conflict with Russia is unthinkable. No one in their right mind wants nuclear war. As for a conventional war, Russia will obviously defend itself. Who will attack? Germany? No , France? No. Both of these countries attacked Russia and were defeated. Germany and its allies during WWII lost 4 million troops on the eastern front against the Red Army. On a weekly basis that is more than the total American losses in the middle east of less than 10,000 troops in 13 years of fighting. Who will do the fighting??

The Russians and Americans are European. Russia is a Christian nation as is the United States. We look a lot alike. Russians have abandoned communism and have reasonably adopted democratic principles. One can divide people of the world into 3 categories. First those who wear suits and those that don’t. Americans and Russians wear suits. Next there are those who drink their liquor straight and those who prefer mixed cocktails. Here is the difference , the Russians drink their vodka straight.

The United has been at war with many countries but NEVER with Russia. We fought against Britain, Mexico, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany and Italy. The United States and Russia fought common enemies like Japan and Germany. The fighting the Russians did during WWII in Europe saved millions of American lives.

Russia has been on America’s side throughout much of history. In the 20th century fighting common enemies , Germany in WWI and WWII and Japan in WWII. During the American Revolution the king of England asked for Germany to supply Hessians to fight against the Americans which they did. He also asked the Russian Tsar for Cossacks to fight the Americans. The Tsar refused. In the war of 1812 between France and Russia ,Napoleon labelled the Cossacks " a disgrace to the human race” because of their bravery in fighting and defeating the French army supposedly the best in Europe. During the American Civil War, the Russians sent ships into New York harbor and San Francisco in support of the Union. The British supported the Confederacy in an attempt to split the U.S. In 1867 Russia sold Alaska to the U.S. for $6,500,000 for over half a million square miles. That’s $13 per square mile or 2 CENTS per acre.

This brings us to the present tensions relating to the Ukraine which started about a year ago when President Victor Yanukovych refused to sign an agreement to join the EU. Victoria Nuland ( Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs ) set the overthrow of elected President Yanukovych in motion during her recorded phone conversation with the American ambassador to the Ukraine in which she selected Yats as her favorite to replace Yanukovych and her now famous "F” the EU. The U.S. established a "putsch” government in Ukraine much like we have done in Latin America in the past. Nuland publicly admitted that the U.S. spent five billion dollars to influence events in Ukraine.

The friction in Ukraine comes mainly from radicals originating in the province of Galicia in western Ukraine. During WWII under the leadership of Stephen Bandera some Galician’s openly collaborated with the Germans in annihilating Jews and Poles. The present day radicals in Ukraine look upon Bandera as a national hero. We cannot support these radicals and their pro - Nazi orientation. The big majority of Ukrainians want a peaceful relationship with Russia.

Why not be friends with Russia?

No need to point nuclear weapons at each other.

Better to have Russia move towards the West rather than the East and joining BRICS,& SCO

( Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

What problem are we solving by confronting Russia? Is there a "successful” answer? Russia and Ukraine have been neighbors for over a 1,000 years and originated from the same cradle. They will be neighbors forever.

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