Russia Retaliates to EU Sanctions With Blacklist of 89 Officials

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Russia Retaliates to EU Sanctions With Blacklist of 89 Officials
Published 31-05-2015, 15:00
Moscow has handed a list of officials banned from entering Russian territory to the embassies of EU countries, the Russian online newspaper Kommersant reported.

A list of officials banned from entering the territory of the Russian Federation has been handed over to the embassies of EU countries, according to the Russian online newspaper Kommersant.

A copy of the document was published by Finnish national broadcasting company on its website and by a number of other European media outlets on Saturday.

"Moscow has imposed sanctions on European politicians, officials and the military in response to similar restriction measures adopted by the European Union last year because of the conflict over Ukraine," the newspaper said.

The Russian "black list" includes a total of 89 people, among them members of the European Parliament, high-ranking military, security and intelligence officials, as well as public figures. The list includes officials from the Baltic countries, Poland, Sweden, Britain and Germany.

The Russian side has not yet published the list, which was delivered to the EU representation in Moscow and a number of European embassies after relevant requests from the European countries to announce the list of banned individuals, according to the German and Finnish media.

The EU's representation office in Moscow has confirmed receipt of the list.

"Yes, we have received the list. We do not have additional information on the legal aspects, background and other things related to its drafting," Soren Liborius, head of Press and Information Section of the Delegation of the EU to Russia, told Kommersant.

According to Kommersant, the Russian Foreign Ministry is yet to confirm the authenticity of the list, published by media outlets in EU nations.

Meanwhile, Berlin has demanded an explanation for the inclusion of eight German citizens on Russia's 'black list.'

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