Anti-Russian Sanctions Economically, Politically Harmful for Montenegro

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Anti-Russian Sanctions Economically, Politically Harmful for Montenegro
Published 30-07-2015, 17:49
On Wednesday, Montenegro joined the EU sanctions regime against Russia. The anti-Russian sanctions are harmful both for the economy of Montenegro and the political ties between the two countries, Montenegrin politician Slaven Radunovic said.

Six European countries including Montenegro joined on Wednesday the anti-Russian sanctions prolonged by the European Union on July 22.

Among the other nations were Albania, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Ukraine, according to a press release by the European Council.

Montenegro has long ago pursued a foreign policy not in the interest of their own people, but in the interest of certain EU countries and the US, Slaven Radunovic, President of the Montenegrin Parliament Committee on European integration, told Sputnik Serbia.

"They [the Montenegrin authorities] do that for their selfish motives in an attempt to prolong their staying in power," he explained.

The sanctions against Russia and Russia’s responsive measures have seriously damaged the economy of Montenegro, Radunovic said.

"We see now Russians are selling their real estates in Montenegro. What is more, Russian investments to our country have practically dried out. It is a serious blow for the weak economy of Montenegro," he said.

"Our government says it will compensate the loss with Western investments, but they are not enough," Radunovic added.

The Russian political elite is losing its interest for Montenegro, he underscored.

It is another serious problem because it would be important for the country "to become Russia’s best friend in the region," he said.

The EU prolonged its economic sanctions against Russia for six months, until January 31, 2016. In response, Russia extended its food import ban, imposed as a countermeasure against the Western restrictions.

The United States, the European Union and their allies imposed several rounds of economic, financial and technological sanctions on Russia over alleged meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs. Russia has repeatedly denied the assertions, and has responded to the sanctions with a food import ban.

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