Political Outrage over Navalny`s Work with US Embassy

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Political Outrage over Navalny`s Work with US Embassy
Published 29-09-2015, 05:20
"Non-parliamentary parties outraged by meeting between American diplomats and Navalny” -
September 10th, 2015 - 

PolitRussia - translated by J. Arnoldski - 

"Non-parliamentary parties outraged by meeting between American diplomats and Navalny” - 

 ** Note to Fort Russ readers - this piece follows up on the exposé we ran: 

Biggest Putin Critic, Navalny - Exposed as An American Asset **

Chairman of the party "Right Cause”, Vyacheslav Maratkanov, stated that it is far from a normal situation when there is a meeting with not only representatives of this or that country, but diplomats who try to promote the foreign policy of their country, in this case the United States.

Vyacheslav Maratkanov is sure that a meeting of diplomats with political parties is "beyond ambassadorial activity.” The politician stressed that among the participants of the meeting was the first secretary of the US embassy, Bradford Bell, who, in his opinion, "is a professional provocateur who worked in the Balkans and actively participated and participates in ‘promoting democracy’ in the South and South-East.”

"We participate in elections in six regions. We are an opposition, but a constructive opposition. But when there is a non-constructive opposition, like PARNAS [People’s Freedom Party for a Russia without Lawlessness and Corruption - J.A], they don’t work for results, they don’t raise regional agendas, but are working for federal resources in complete negation,” Maratkanov added.

According to the chairman of the "Rodina” (Homeland) party and Duma deputy Alexey Zhuravlev, American diplomats insisted on meeting with the representatives of his party in Kostroma. Regarding this affair, the deputy is planning to send an official inquiry to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. 

"The American diplomats persistently, with some nerve, called us. They were immediately told that we are not going to meet with anyone, and we have no interests with the US embassy,” the Russian politician relayed in an interview with TASS. Zhuravlev added that representatives of the embassy called his allies in the party and offered to organize a meeting in Kostroma at least ten times. 

In the politician’s opinion, it might have been an "undercover operation” for a meeting with Alexey Navalny and other opposition members.

Earlier it was reported that Navalny made a report to US diplomats during the election campaign. The meeting, captured on video, took place in one of the restaurants in Kostroma.



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