Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell: The American Empire is Toast. Game Over (Video)

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Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell: The American Empire is Toast. Game Over (Video)
Published 15-10-2015, 04:03

Rudy Panko


After more than a decade of endless war, the United States is now facing total collapse. Get your popcorn!

There were always warning signs: The mine-resistant humvee that now patrols the parking lot of your local Taco Bell. The 20% child poverty rate, despite America being the wealthiest nation in human history. The mass paranoia and hysteria at all levels of American society, coupled with the all-seeing eye of the NSA. For those who are still having trouble connecting the dots: It's over, folks. 

In the below video, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, lays out the sober reality facing America: Moral bankruptcy, incompetent government, and an army of mercenaries fighting endless, foreign wars with no clear objective. Some juicy excerpts: 

"Empires at the end concentrate on military force as the be all and end all of power… at the end they use more mercenary based forces than citizen based forces”

"Empires at the end…go ethically and morally bankrupt… they end up with bankers and financiers running the empire, sound familiar?”

"So they [empires] will go out for example, when an attack occurs on them by barbarians that kills 3000 of their citizens, mostly because of their negligence, they will go out and kill 300,000 people and spend 3 trillion dollars in order to counter that threat to the status quo. They will then proceed throughout the world to exacerbate that threat by their own actions, sound familiar?…This is what they [empires] do particularly when they are getting ready to collapse”

"This is what empires in decline do, they can’t even in govern themselves”

Quoting a Chinese man who was a democrat, then a communist (under Mao) then, when he became disenchanted, a poet and writer…”You can sit around a table and talk about politics, about social issues, about anything and you can have a reasonable discussion with a reasonable person. But start talking about the mal-distribution of wealth and you better get your gun” ….”that’s where we are, in Europe and the United States.

Good luck, America!

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