Putin can save Syria AND Europe

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Putin can save Syria AND Europe
Published 10-11-2015, 15:55
Russia's deployment in Syria is an important signal to the world that in the future, things won't work without Moscow. The US is slowly but surely becoming obsolescent as a dominant force on the planet. Europe, too, will have to accept this.

"Russia's deployment in Syria is an important signal to the world that in the future, things won't work without Moscow."

Analysis by 
Henry PAUL

in Contra Magazine, Austria, October 10, 2015

October 12, 2015
Translated from German by Tom Winter

Note: Sputnik published a short piece based on snippets from this Contra Magazine essay. We found the original, and give you the whole essay. Many points of interest, with blunt speech!

October 12, 2015

Russia's deployment in Syria is an important signal to the world that in the future, things won't work without Moscow. The US is slowly but surely becoming obsolescent as a dominant force on the planet. Europe, too, will have to accept this.

Russia has interposed itself into the proxy war against Assad, because it is mandatory and necessary. Erdogan (Turkey) wants to set up a secret "no-fly-zone" between Turkey and Syria (under the banner of war against Syria)to further his own fight against the Kurds, because he wants, no matter the cost, to prevent Kurdish self determination.

The entry of Russia has twice led to a border complaint: Twice Russian fighters have overflown the alleged border of Turkey; On closer analysis, this came down to Turkey's unapproved "no-fly-zone." This time, a Russian fighter plane, with a Turkish patrol close by, let it be known that it is the last time that Turkey can violate Syrian airspace - from now on any Turkish fighter plane there will be shot out of the sky by a Russian jet. This message was unmistakable.

Russia alone has the right (beside Assad) to operate troops in Syria since Assad has asked Russia for assistance (International Law).

It is clear now that all private mercenary armies -- the USA's "moderates", the extreme jihadists of the US, and the "Islamic State" forces of the US, have nothing more to do in Syria, likewise Turkey or the secret alliances of NATO. i.e. France and mercenary-NATO units in Syria. The stirring of the soup comes to an end. The prudent ruler of the Syrian state, Assad, again has his country under control, since Russia, called upon to assist a friend, will expel the enemies.

The United States must officially backpedal, propaganda and all. Explanations of escalation on the part of the Russians, or actions in violation of international law on the part of Russia, or the indoctrination of the EU with respect to a possible outbreak of war via Syria -- all come to so much wastepaper. Obama was not paying attention, and the United States believed their policy of total attrition of entire regions and states via color revolutions, mercenaries, NGOs, and various types of armed terrorists, would lead to the goal: Assad must go. The belief is ignorance.
You really have to ask yourself: a head of state must go, because a territorially completely distant country wants the elected chief to resign? The remote country is neither a neighboring state, nor does it have a conflict with Syria; there is no reason, and no evidence of any trespass of an international legal nature. So why should a state, foreign and afar off, force a ruler to resign? This hegemonic thinking, along with ongoing war measures absolutely contrary to international law, show the world once again that the United States is a rogue state, and wants to stay one. They proclaim themselves the exceptional country, which should enjoy more rights and more privileges than all other countries in the world, and so, as policeman of the world, they can bully, assault, occupy, enslave and militarily attack anyone else. With support through "inaction and acquiescence" of the UN, NATO, and the EU.

Through the intervention of Russia in the Syrian war, the problems for Erdogan regarding the Kurds have intensified; there are now the Kurds in Syria, Turkey and Iraq, and all are working together - even the two different established parties (the Democratic Union PYD one hand, and the Workers' Party PKK on the other) to take advantage of Turkey's present situation, and regroup. It is foreseeable that the Kurds finally sooner or later get their own state - it would be a welcome thing.

At least Erdogan has no chance - so long as Putin is in the mix - to wage a campaign of destruction against the Kurds, under whatever cover story or under what excuse. The Kurds have a right to a state. They ought be constituted in all three countries and to hold a referendum. It really is time to end the 300-year old struggle and to establish a state.

Domestically, Obama has pretty much messed up everything there was to mess up. Not only that he had not fulfilled his declarations, but he was also proceeding along a fickle, indecisive and apolitical, path, taking his military power as a given, and acting as a one-man show, able to take any old false-flag-actions to force any ruler to genuflect.

Putin showed him up.

Putin has made it clear for the third time that he is an honorable politician who adheres to international law, who doesn't go around screaming, but is hardworking in the background and operating openly; who can aptly assess his opponents and above all, that he is interested in peace and sovereignty. The whole silly chatter of the United States about territorial violations in Ukraine or Georgia, and especially in Syria for alleged attacks on US property ("US assets"), the dumbies can just get out of their heads. These incitements and these hoaxes, this lousy propaganda, this documentation with brutal lies and false allegations (especially in Germany!) -- are are vomit-stirring feathers in the back of the throat.

And now Obama is trying (very cute thinking) to build up new military power in Turkey with large ground forces and air support. In Incirlik in southern Turkey housing is being built for these troops. Obviously, ongoing destabilization of the Orient is in view, until all oil fields are in US hands. The US is gearing up for ground war in Syria via Turkey. Although the NATO and US top military had already expressed that these measures are just for temporary actions, this is barely believable, because Incirlik, a tent city for the past four years is now being expanded. We can prepare ourselves, then, to see US combat missions in Syria. The election of the next president will tell how quickly it will come to war. [I wish this were true. I fear that no matter who we elect for president, the ineducable neo-cons will still be in charge. Barack H. Obama, for instance, turned into George W. Obama. -- Tr]

The old bag Brzesinski has been making the rounds in the press for weeks about Syria: he calls strong countermeasures - and even retaliatory strikes (Retaliations). Because the terrorists are indeed US property, intended to militarily destabilize Syria and cause as many "divide-and-conquer skirmishes" among the population as it takes until everybody is fighting everybody, in which circumstance Assad could be overthrown. This no longer works due to Putin and the Russian air force. 

Russia is clever. They offer NATO and US the opportunity to observe the air strikes with the Geo-data of the strikes, so everyone could see for themselves that the air strikes against the "Islamic State" are precise and concrete - not as in the USA, which only pretended to fight these terrorists and was actually bombing Assad troops. The US doesn't want to see it.

So there remains, as a last chance for peace in Syria, a UN Conference in Geneva, in which the differences of political deputies are quite clear. Russia wants Assad and his first political parties to participate in Syria at the conference. The US wants to prevent. They want the opposition forces (US terrorist forces of all sorts and sizes) to determine the conference process, together with NATO and USA, possibly the EU. 

This is going to be exciting. Then it becomes clear whether the UN is impartial and peacefully-minded or just a lackey of the United States. 

We in Europe should be truly thankful to Putin:
* He is a statesman
* He acts neutral and with international law
* He provides clear conditions
* He is committed to the sovereignty of the attacked countries
* He neutralized prohibited, international law-breaking combatants and armies

It would be suitable to reconfigure Europe to liberate Germany from the yoke of the unspeakable US occupation and to give back to us our dignity, honor, constitution, and nation, even if it were only a rump Germany.



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