Turchinov's website: Ukraine should liquidate Transnistria while Putin is "stuck" in Syria

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Published 10-12-2015, 15:59
"The time has come to strike Transnistria - statement in Kiev"

November 27, 2015 -

Mikhail Ryabov, PolitNavigator -

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

"The time has come to strike Transnistria - statement in Kiev" 

Ukraine should take advantage of the situation and together with its allies strike a crushing blow to the statehood of Transnistria, Yurii Butusov, editor of the Ukrainian site "Censor” which belongs to the Secretary of the Security Council, Alexander Turchinov. 

"What should Ukraine do while Putin is stuck in Syria? Liquidate the Russian military base and contraband hole in Transnistria.

Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs to urgently convene a conference in Kiev with Romania, Moldova, and the an obligatorily invited delegation from the Russian Federation to decide the fate of the unrecognized republic of Transnistria. 

On November 29 "parliamentary elections” will be held in the "Transnistrian Moldovan Republic” recognized by no one except the Kremlin...

In the 21st century, Ukraine is suffering from a zone of lawlessness at its borders, where Russian military bases controlled by no one are deployed...There are up to 2,000 Russian servicemen there. This is a direct threat to the security of the Odessa region and Moldova which Ukraine Ukraine must immediately address without waiting for changes in the situation in Crimea and Donbass. 

We need to secure our southern flank and defend Odessa. It was the base of Russian agents in Transnistria which provoked the bloody clashes in Odessa in May, 2014. As a participant in the system of European security, Ukraine is obligated to do everything so that borders with Ukraine are controlled by the legal authorities of Moldova,” Butusov writes.” 

"This can’t be tolerated. It is not difficult to do this today! Look at the map: Transnistria is surrounded on all sides by the territories of Moldova and Ukraine. That is, all connections are directly dependent on the good will of the two countries. Before the beginning of an international conference, Ukraine should completely close down all connections with the illegal territories. All supplies of fuel, gas, electricity, and all movements of cargo and ALL forms of transport, ALL movement of citizens by land or air should be allowed only in the case of a passport issued by the official Chisinau authorities, and should pass only through the territory controlled by the Moldovan authorities. 

We won’t lose a thing in terms of the economy because all the same items will go to Transnistria simply through the territory of Moldova. 

A Ukrainian blockade of the unrecognized territory would allow Chisinau, with the support of Romania, to begin in the shortest possible time actions to integrate Transnistria. Moldovan border guards and customs officers should stand on the border with Ukraine. All administrative issues should be resolved exclusively in the framework of Moldova’s laws. Romania, a NATO country, will certainly support this plan. And we will achieve the active involvement of an important ally in the struggle against the Russian Federation.

A new problem in Transnistria will be another hole in Putin’s foreign policy and its resolutions will have enormous costs. As Putin forces Ukraine into a war of attrition at the front, let’s tie the Russian Federation in a war of attrition on the diplomatic front,” the mouthpiece of Turchinov suggests.



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