Former CIA Official: "Ukraine Is Controlled by a Person Recruited by the U.S"

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Former CIA Official: "Ukraine Is Controlled by a Person Recruited by the U.S"
Published 25-03-2016, 17:00
An interview with a former employee of American intelligence who came to help Donbass.
Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
11th February, 2016

An interview with a former employee of American intelligence who came to help Donbass.

Lawyer and former CIA officer, David Simpson, said: the Donetsk Republic is ready to defend their independence, even with weapons in their hands. But so far, American specialists in Donetsk have found another use for it. Regarding aid to Donbass, David is considering an investment in the future, and believes in the prosperity of the young Republic, and is not going to go back to his native city of Seattle. There he will most likely be sentenced to imprisonment. The American volunteer spoke to the "Free press".

"SP": — How did you become a member of the CIA and what was your role in this service?

"In the countries of the former USSR I had friends who were selling military equipment. They traded all sorts of stuff — it was a small business. In January 1992 I flew to Riga. And there I saw a lot of things the US knew nothing about (then our Embassy was not in Riga yet). I quickly began to notice that America was interested and engaged in purchase of these devices, ammunition. The more time I spent there, the more connections I got. After returning home, I decided to make some phone calls. I managed to reach the Director of the CIA. In those days it was possible, he picked up the phone and started talking to me. The conversation lasted about a minute: I said what I did and how I can be useful. Thus began my acquaintance with the CIA. Over time, it grew into a serious business relationship. We started to buy more things. Initially I was buying badges, medals, daggers, military uniforms. Then guns, bombs, missiles. In short, weapons. I met with some people from the KGB and the GRU, who reasoned: "we've had enough war, why don't we send these weapons to America?" I said, "Fine, let's work together".

I went to Moscow with one guy from the GRU. There I met with people who held British arms campaigns. Their Director was a man named Sintsov. As it turned out, this Sintsov worked in the UK (he didn't tell us).

Everything that was purchased, I showed to the CIA. They were happy: "We buy you this and that, and you go back and get new things." I agreed.

During my next trip it became clear that Sintsov was arrested for espionage in favour of Great Britain. It became clear that we too can fall. We were all scared. At the end of the day I knew it was time to bail out. But over three years of cooperation with the CIA I resold them a lot. It was a fun time."

"SP": — By law, the CIA is subordinate to the President...

"It is supposed to be that way."

"SP": — that is, it is not so? Some people believe that the CIA is a completely independent organization.

"It is. If you work in this field, you are expected to make independent decisions. For example, when you know that your partner wants to kill, and you can't get in touch with the leadership — you need to extricate yourself. To think, how to protect, where to hide etc."

"SP": — We used to think that the CIA played a major role in the destruction of the Soviet Union.

"The main role of the CIA was to assess what is happening. The CIA is a treasury of information, and staff are engaged in collecting information. To do this, they work in different fields, use technology, gather the facts. And the main task of American intelligence is to provide information to the President, Senate, Congress. Intelligence explains, for example, what was happening in the Soviet Union and how powerful it is. The CIA officers were so engrossed in their work that they did not even notice that the Soviet Union had collapsed! By the way, they didn't even make such predictions. There was no information about the prerequisites for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Sometimes you can be the smartest person in the world and have the world's best intelligence Agency, but you're not as good as you think."

"SP": — You also worked as a teacher at the University. What discipline did you teach?

"My subject was criminal justice."

"SP": — In one interview you said that the Americans have some scope to control and coordinate the work of their government. Explain what kind of methods are we talking about?

"I mean the process, when Americans come together and do what we call lobbying, donating money to the adoption of the necessary decisions. To be honest, it is corruption. Representatives of the campaigns and corporations say to the Congressman, "we have money to help you to understand our problem". For example, we want to restore a ruined house in Donetsk, and we provide the state with $50,000 dollars. The money should help the state to investigate the problem, analyze it and better understand our point of view. It's corruption in its purest form. It's the way our system works.
On the other hand, the process of public consolidation is very important. When Obama openly wanted to bomb Syria, he faced serious opposition from ordinary Americans. And he had to retreat. The same situation occurred during the Vietnam war, when angry Americans had become the main force that forced the government to stop the war. But in order to influence the government, we need to at least do something. In the U.S. there were no protests about Obama's policy on Ukraine, and this untied his hands. Of course, the information blockade played a role."

"SP": — How long have you been in Donetsk?

"I came here in the first half of December."

"SP": — has the Republic changed for the better?

"Definitely, there are positive shifts. We originally were in a better position than in Kiev. Ukraine is controlled by a person who was recruited by the U.S. for several years before his election. He was not elected by the people of Ukraine and their owners. Here in Donetsk, we have a leader who really supports the community."

"SP": — Poroshenko was recruited by U.S. intelligence?

"Yes. On "Wikileaks" there are a number of documents of a decade ago (and possibly older) that prove it. That's why he became President, for Americans, he is "our guy." "

"SP": — by the way, about "Wikileaks". London has expressed its disagreement with the UN resolution on the case of Julian Assange.

"This is another example of double standards, one of many in the West. And this is the main reason why the US will never recognize the primacy of International criminal court. What will happen if they do? George Bush would be a war criminal. Madeleine Albright killed children in Iraq. Victoria Nuland is to blame for the destruction of Donbass. These people should be in jail! US will not subscribe to it. People which claimed to respect the law, they themselves walk over it. Does the fact that President Putin restored national law override international law? But why should he conform to international law, if this is not done by Americans, Britons?"

"SP": — Tell us, what are you doing in Donetsk?

"As someone who understands the functioning principles of the American system and Western media, I work in the news Agency "DONi". I also help with some ministries (e.g. the Ministry of Defence) and, in general, all structures that seek advice."

"SP": — What is your view of the history of the United States? Is the evil Empire, built on blood of natives, or a great country?

"Children in the US sometimes say, "Do what I say, not what I do." This is a very good proverb for America. Much of what has been said about it, it sounds great. The history, laws, a system that had to function without corruption -- But the reality is different. Lobbying, which I have already mentioned, before it was prohibited. But people were doing it contrary to the law! And in the end big corporations and government officials begun to work together. It started to change America. The business began to grow, and the government — to weaken."

"SP": — You wrote on Facebook that the CIA and the security service tried to detain you in Moscow. Tell us more.

"Before coming to Moscow, I'd recorded two music CD with songs about the war in the Donbass. And I had the idea to talk to people on the radio and in other media about the war and the Donbass. In one interview I blurted out that I was going to go to Donetsk. The next day a man turned up who said he was a soldier in the army of Novorossiya. He showed me different photos on his phone: weapons, technology, fighters, men who had more medals than Motorola. There were a lot of interesting things on his phone, thanks to that I guessed who this guy worked for. He wanted to take me to Donetsk. Later people told me: "don't get in a car with him, otherwise you will never make it to Donetsk." In Kiev — maybe, but not in Donetsk. And the FSB, with whom I later spoke, said "Yeah, we're pretty sure he works for the CIA." "

"SP": — it turns out that Russian intelligence agencies cannot cope with their responsibilities?

"They do their job, but too many people are working under diplomatic cover. It's very difficult for any of them to be arrested. You need to have 100% proof."

"SP": — Which figures in American history appeal to you the most?

"President Kennedy as for me , may be a good example. He came from a wealthy family, a family of oligarchs, he realized that the U.S. government is moving in the wrong direction, and tried to fix it: change the system, stop the fed, rein in the CIA. That's why he was killed. For trying to transform the country, he paid with his life. Moreover, the entire Kennedy family was punished. His brother was killed a few years later. This is the pattern: once a popular politician capable of changing the system appears, he's removed. I think it's reflected in the population. America is rebelling, protesting, because he is afraid."

"SP": — so, even such a figure as the President, cannot change anything?

"The American President is not the national leader. This is a man owned by big capital and is placed to serve their needs. Follow the career of Barack Obama. This is a career of constant displacements between different campaigns and funds, for which he received a great sums of money . Who has he helped during his presidency? He helped the financiers, oligarchs, bankers, Wall Street but not ordinary Americans. Of all the U.S. presidents in the last 40 years, Obama has done the least for the people."

"SP": — you do not plan to return to USA?

"There I am facing 25 years in prison."

"SP": — But the situation may change?

"I don't think so. America is very consistent on issues of war and people who dared to oppose the official position. Those who leave US do so for serious reasons (and usually do not return). My plan is to stay here and help the Republic as much as I can. I am sure that our future is bright."

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