Washington Accuses Russia of 'Barbarism' When US 'Friends Ruined Half of Syria'

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Washington Accuses Russia of
Published 27-09-2016, 09:07
US envoy to the UN Samantha Power accused Russia of what she described as "barbarism," pinning the blame for recent violence in Aleppo on Moscow and Damascus. Washington seems to believe that its behavior in Syria is "civilized," although America's "friends ruined half of the country," Maria Balyabina wrote for RIA Novosti.

Power's remarks have nothing to do with Syria, the analyst suggested.

"Apparently [the war-torn Arab country] and the terrorists are not really related to Washington's mood and plans. Power accused Russia of launching 'an all-out air and ground offensive,'" the analyst noted. "Indeed, Russia is fighting against armed rebels when in fact Moscow has to fight against the Syrian government!" she added with irony.

Russia and the United States have long been at odds over the origins of the Syrian crisis and the ways to resolve it. Moscow has focused on tackling terrorist groups fighting in the country, while Washington has viewed President Bashar al-Assad as the element behind the conflict. In recent months, the US has partly readjusted its focus, saying that degrading Daesh is a priority at the moment, but Assad's departure is still on Washington's agenda.

Samantha Power made her remarks at a UN Security Council meeting that the US, the UK and France requested after the Syrian Arab Army launched a major offensive to push radical groups out of Aleppo, one of the largest cities in the country that has become the key battlefield in the five-and-a-half-year war.

The operation was announced days after a nationwide ceasefire, sponsored by Moscow and Washington, collapsed due to hundreds of violations. Russian and Syrian military officials blamed US-backed rebel militias for ruining the truce. 

"Only the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Army were adhering to the ceasefire agreement, while the militants continued to launch attacks," Balyabina wrote. "Among them were militias that the US refers to as the 'moderate opposition' and who were on the list of groups ostensibly supporting the secession of hostilities."



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