Dear Russian Agents, Send Help

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Dear Russian Agents, Send Help
Published 13-07-2017, 16:24

Mark Fitzgibbons


Dear Russian Agents,

We Americans don’t trust you a bit, but since we can’t trust The New York Times, CNN, the Democrat Party, the deep state, and various leftist institutions, we may as well ask for your help.

We have a crippling national debt approaching $20 trillion, where today’s political class is robbing future generations so they can stay in power. We have assassinations of police officers trying to protect the community. We have elected leaders who say the healthcare system we want will kill people, yet they want to move towards a nationalized healthcare system where the parents of children like Charlie Gard are told by the government the child must die.

We know we can’t trust you, but our own liberal institutions seem rather dishonest about, and antagonistic to, the virtues of Western Civilization, our constitutional republic, and the rule of law. In many ways they really aren’t all that different from you, it seems, but they are more embedded.

When then-candidate Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton and the investigation of her 33,000 missing emails by facetiously asking your country to produce them if you had them, false accusations were made that Mr. Trump was asking your government to hack Hillary’s system. Oh, but that would have been so easy since Secretary of State Clinton used an unsecure system to transmit and receive classified information, then conveniently couldn’t "find” emails that were erased using a system more powerful than acid on cotton candy.

Now we have a "special counsel” with unlimited funds and power to investigate focusing not on Hillary’s crimes, but driven by Mr. Trump’s tweets. Oh, and this fantastical situation came about because our former FBI director leaked notes he took during the course of his official conduct, and are not, as he claims, his personal property. What Jim Comey did not only sets a bad example for the rule of law over all government officials, but all private employees too. He’d be sued if he had done this while working in a small business, law firm, accounting firm – whatever. But he was the FBI Director, for heaven’s sake!

But on this Russian hacking story, hey, our own government is gathering our private records without warrants. So if you are hacking our data, which we know you are even after President Obama told you in no uncertain terms to "cut it out” (which must have kept Vladimir Putin up all night with a case of the blues after Obama had previously told him he’d have more "more flexibility” after Obama’s second election), you’re really not much worse than our own government in this regard, since we have a Fourth Amendment and you don’t.

Speaking of spying, did you hear that a whistleblower brought a lawsuit against Comey, former Defense Intelligence Director James Clapper, and others because the whistleblower brought the government evidence that our own government is spying on Supreme Court justices and others, but they did nothing about it? That sounds like something your own government does. It keeps judges and politicians "on the team,” if you know what we mean. Maybe Pravda will report on this lawsuit. I don’t see anything about it in The New York Times.

And it’s not just Washington that’s the problem. Liberal Democrat state officials are unilaterally investigating those who do not share their views about the exact causes and extent of climate change. They want the names of donors to advocacy organizations – just like one of their Democrat predecessors who was told he acted unconstitutionally in the landmark case NAACP v. Alabama.

Democrats are protecting sellers of baby parts by investigating and prosecuting those who exposed this lurid practice. State officials are giving sanctuary to people here illegally in the name of compassion, but are cutting off water for farmers and killing jobs with increases in the minimum wage that force employers to lay off or not hire employees. They’re killing us with their "kindness.”

The Dems are also protecting voter fraud, yet they and their media colleagues are trying to blame you Russkies for hacking our elections, not that you aren’t trying. But it seems that the Dems have gotten better results at illegal influence on our elections than you so far.

There’s so much we can tell you, but you probably know it already. Heck, your government does it too.

But we’re supposed to be different from you. Our system is supposed to be better than yours.

So, please, send us what you have so we can better expose the deceit and hypocrisy of those who would fundamentally change America by undermining the rule of law and liberty. And maybe – just maybe – the GOP in Washington will see that what’s happening from within to undermine our constitutional republic and way of life is nearly as horrible as what you Russians are trying.

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