Anti-Russia Hysteria in US Derails Fight Against Terrorism - Congressman

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Anti-Russia Hysteria in US Derails Fight Against Terrorism - Congressman
Published 7-08-2017, 00:07
US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher stated that the only power that intentionally wants to harm the United States are Islamic terrorists, not countries like Russia.
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Anti-Russia sentiments being spread by US lawmakers and media outlets have detracted from efforts of the United States to work with Moscow to defeat the common threat of Islamic terrorism, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher told Sputnik in an interview.

"We should be working with Russia, and all of these sinister sounding words, trying to make people look at Russia as the threat detracts from our ability to protect us from the real threat which is radical Islamic terrorism… Russia faces the same threat as do our Western democratic friends in Western Europe," Rohrabacher said.

According to the congressman, the only power that intentionally wants to harm the United States are Islamic terrorists, not countries like Russia.

The politician also added that US media plays an important role in demonizing Russia, as news outlets have become vehicles of propaganda with an objective of stoking animosity between Moscow and Washington for political gains.

"You’ve got the news media out there, which should be seeking truth and has become a propaganda tool for a particular political move in this country that is aimed at creating hostility between the United States and Russia," Rohrabacher said.

The Democratic Party, including the "political powers" on Capitol Hill, are manipulating the power structure, and especially the media, in Washington to craft a false narrative for the US public, the congressman added.

According to the lawmaker, the Congress is easily herded and directed in the wrong direction. Congressmen should therefore take up more of an initiative to seek the truth themselves rather than be influenced by people who know how to manipulate the public, Rohrabacher concluded.

For several months, US media outlets, such as the CNN broadcaster or The New York Times, and a number of politicians, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, have been making statements about Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 US election by way of hacking. Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have repeatedly said that Moscow had not interfered in the election.

On Tuesday, US State Secretary Rex Tillerson said that while the relationship between the United States and Russia continues to suffer considerable stress, the two countries must focus on addressing mutual interests such as fight against Islamic terrorism. The US diplomat also added that he believed the US people wanted to have good relations with Russia.

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