Society Should 'Filter' Information Based on Moral Principles - Putin

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Society Should
Published 20-08-2017, 07:00
Society should by itself create a system of moral and ethical principles which would help filter information published by the media, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Sunday.

BAKALSKA KOSA (Sputnik) – Speaking about censorship at the 2017 Tavrida International Educational Youth Forum in Crimea, Putin said that only publication of information prohibited by law must be restricted, while other things must be "filtered" by society itself.

"This can be done only one way, through filtration by the means of the creative community itself. It would be right if society created a system of moral and ethical filters, if not to exclude then to minimize [the state's influence], but it would be better to exclude the government’s influence on this process," Putin said.

The Russian president added that it was difficult to "filter the stream" in today’s world.

"There are concerns that this filtration would become ideological, and that society would be devoid of the opportunity to gain true, open and direct information. Though it seems that it is difficult to filter everything indiscriminately in the age of the internet, but there are such attempts in several countries," Putin pointed out.

The Tavrida forum is being held between July 3 and August 31. The event’s 2017 edition is expected to host around 3,000 participants.

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