US Law Enforcers Conduct 'Unknown Works' in Russian Consulate - Moscow

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US Law Enforcers Conduct
Published 6-09-2017, 07:00
The Russian Foreign Ministry posted a video on its Facebook page, showing US law enforcers performing "unknown works" at the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Russian Foreign Ministry posted a video on Facebook showing several people engaging in "unknown works" on the territory of the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco and behaving "like raiders."

"Representatives of the #US law enforcement agencies conduct unknown works on the territory of the Russian Consulate General in #SanFrancisco. They mutilate expensive parquet & do work without permission. Most importantly that nobody knows who are these people who behave like raiders," the ministry said on the social media, commenting on the video.

Earlier in the day, a US State Department representative told Sputnik that US law enforcement's actions on the territory of Russian diplomatic property in the United States after its closure were legal, adding that the US side invited Russian embassy representatives to join them.

According to the official, statements by Russia claiming that US officials had cracked the doors of this property or that the FBI ransacked the premises were false.

The US State Department said last Thursday that Washington demanded that Moscow close down its consulate general in San Francisco and two other diplomatic entities in New York City and Washington, DC by Saturday. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that US actions constituted a violation of international law, including the Vienna convention on diplomatic and consular relations.

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