'Emotional Exaltation': Kremlin on Morgan Freeman's Claims US at War With Russia

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Published 20-09-2017, 00:07
According to the Kremlin spokesman, US actor Morgan Freeman’s words about the war between Russian and the US were an "emotional exaltation.”

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Kremlin does not take seriously US actor Morgan Freeman’s words that the United States is at war with Russia seriously, it believes such claims to be an "emotional exaltation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

"As you know, many creative people easily succumb to, fall victims to emotional overloads without having real information about the real state of affairs, they are victims to emotional exaltation … You know, this can hardly be taken seriously because it is clear that such claims are not based on real information, they are exclusively emotional in nature,” Peskov told reporters commenting on the video.

On Tuesday, a video was released featuring Freeman, in which he talks about cyber attacks allegedly committed by Russia ahead of the US presidential elections last year. He said in the video that the United States was "at war” and "came under attack by the Russian government,” calling on the US president to "tell us the truth.”

The video was released by the so-called Committee to Investigate Russia, formed by US filmmaker Rob Reiner.



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