'Discouraging': Russian Embassy Slams Reports of Widespread Spying in UK

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Published 6-11-2018, 07:00
LONDON (Sputnik) - UK reports claiming half of Russians living in the country are spies serve to sow mistrust in the Russian embassy, the diplomatic mission’s spokesman told Sputnik.

"These publications are based on a report by the Henry Jackson Society nonprofit which is openly anti-Russian … Such materials are part of a campaign to pressure our London embassy and discourage both Brits and Russians from contacting us," the spokesman said.

He added the report would not have been worth commenting on if it had not perpetuated suspicion toward Russian expats and added to a "toxic aura" created around them by continued anti-Russia rhetoric, including in the UK government.

The study by the London-based think-tank reportedly claimed that half of the UK capital’s Russian population of 150,000 were informants, while half of Russia's diplomatic corps in London was engaged in intelligence work



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