Общие правила на сайте

As a user, you are entitled to the following rights, and held to the following obligations:


  1. You may comment however you wish on any entry, provided it is done so in the spirit of constructive criticism or conversation, and not as a personal attack or "troll post”. If you feel a user’s comments are not being posted in the spirit of constructive criticism, please contact a Mod or Admin.
  2. You may vote however you wish on any entry, provided that this done as an honest expression of opinion on the article and not the author or other outside factors.
  3. You are allowed to post your submissions, provided that this is done in the correct location.
  4. You may request assistance/comments/review by other users and staff, with the understanding that they are under no obligation to do so, and that the choice is wholly voluntary on their behalf.
  5. You may question the actions of other users and staff as long as it is done in a calm, mature fashion.
  6. You may appeal a permanent ban one year after it has been enacted. Staff, however, may deny your request for any reason.


  1. You are to be a mature member of the community. Heated arguments, vandalism, trolling, and general immaturity, including intentionally writing badly to provoke a reaction, will not be tolerated.
  2. You are to be open to criticism, and to tolerate the opinion of others whom you may not agree with. If you feel acommenter is being unnecessarily harsh, please contact a mod.
  3. Entries may be edited/moved/deleted at any time. As an original author, you may undo edits if needed, and repostdeleted articles upon revision.
  4. If a mod or admin says a discussion is over, it is over. If you continue, you are now open to any punishment deemed necessary.
  5. If you receive multiple comments calling for editing, please do so. If you choose not to, please state the reason.
  6. If you constantly have entries deleted, undergo major edits, and be decommissioned, please stop and consult an Admin or Mod before continuing to post new entries. This will allow us to determine what the issue is, and hopefully keep it from happening any more.
  7. Respect the Mod and Admin staff decisions. If you feel you are being treated unfairly, please appeal to a staff member by e-mail (see all contacts on Think-Tank page), and they will review the situation. If the situation is deemed "fair”, please do not continue to appeal to staff members in hopes of getting a different response.
  8. Suggestions for editing by Mods and Admins should be given careful consideration.