Russia expects all parties that can contribute to Syria settlement to take part in Geneva-2 - Putin

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Russia expects all parties that can contribute to Syria settlement to take part in Geneva-2 - Putin
Published 16-01-2014, 13:46
Russia expects all parties that could make a positive contribution to the settlement of the conflict in Syria to take part in the upcoming Geneva-2 international conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. "We'll be doing all we can so that the conference helps arrange dialogue and to stop the senseless bloodshed," Putin said at a ceremony of accepting credentials from the ambassadors of a number of countries on Thursday.

"The international community's efforts to prepare the conference on Syria should be actively supported," he said.

"We expect all parties capable of making a positive contribution to the conflict settlement to take part in" the conference, he said.

Putin to meet with Iranian foreign chief today – Russian FM

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Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet on Thursday with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is currently on a working visit to Moscow, the Voice of Russia correspondent Ksenya Melnikova reports.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin will receive Mr. Zarif today. We are determined to comprehensively develop mutually beneficial partnership in our negotiations," Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference following talks with Zarif in Moscow on Thursday.

Putin congratulates Egypt leadership on successful referendum over new constitution

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Egypt’s leadership on a successful referendum over a new Constitution in the country. "We hope that Egyptian society will overcome current political and socio-economic difficulties and the country will return on the path of stability and growth," the Russian president said at a ceremony of presenting credentials by several ambassadors of foreign countries in the Kremlin on Thursday.

Putin asked a new Egyptian ambassador "to convey the best wishes to Egyptian leadership" and congratulations over a constitutional referendum.

Putin also voiced hope for development of cooperation between the two countries.

New ambassadors present credentials to Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is receiving credentials of 18 newly-appointed foreign ambassadors in Moscow. The solemn ceremony is taking place in the gilded St. Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Presenting their letters of credence to the Russian leader are Cesare Maria Ragaglini (Italy), Ziad Hazer Saleh Al Majali (Jordan), Jeanne d’Arc Mudzhawamaria (Rwanda), Carmel Brinkat (Malta), Vasile Soare (Romania), John Ronald Kur (Canada), Mohammed Abdelsattar Mohammed Elbadri (Egypt), Jean-Maurice Riper (France), Mehdi Sanai (Iran), Pundi Srinivasan (India), Abdulaziz Ahmed Saud Aladvani (Kuwait), Antonio Jose Vallim Gerreiro (Brazil), Vladimir Remek (Czech Republic), Alex Van Meuwen (Belgium), Usman Badji (Gambia), Bernard Francis (Seychelle Islands), Lamek Ntekela (Botswana), and Wilfred Edward Christopher (Surinam).

Upon handing in their credentials, the 18 foreign envoys will take up their official responsibilities as representatives of their corresponding countries.

A letter of credence is an official paper that formally grants diplomatic accreditation to a named diplomat to serve as an ambassador in the country whose leader receives this letter.

As the tradition goes, the Grand Kremlin Palace’s Alexander Hall hosts several credential-giving ceremonies throughout the year. After the letters have been presented, the president takes the podium to speak about the global political situation and Russia’s ties with the ambassadors’ countries.

The Kremlin last received foreign envoys on October 23. That day, 19 ambassadors from Lebanon, Pakistan, Greece, Portugal, Iraq, Venezuela, Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, Ireland, Norway, Mongolia, Slovenia, the Netherlands and EU representative Vygaudas Ušackas handed in their credentials.


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